The blogger overwhelm can happen to both new and seasoned bloggers alike. After all, there’s a lot of tasks you need to be doing daily to keep your blog going, right?

We’ve already talked about how to avoid blogger burnout. But I thought we might do something a bit different this time and so I asked nine bloggers what they do to avoid being overwhelmed with blogging.

1. Zakia | A Sprinkle of Zakia

“I avoid being overwhelmed with my blog by taking my time. So typically before I sit in front of my computer, I would draft out my blog post in my notebook. I come back to it as much as I need to, and when I feel like it’s perfect and lengthy enough, I typed it up. Another thing I like to do to avoid being overwhelmed is meditating. This just helps clear my mind and relieve stress before I go into working mode.”

2. Minosh | TalkBitz

“In a nutshell… I always believe in my capacity. If I have something to do tomorrow, I’ll be telling it first to my phone calendar. When I wake up the next day, my calendar reminds me of everything so I can manage everything easily on my blog. Another thing is listening to music while I’m working. This adds a more relaxed addition to my whole day.”

3. Carolyn | My Chic Obsession

“Making lists and prioritizing for the day is key for me to not be too overwhelmed with blogging. There’s always so much to do and never enough time, but if you start off with the most important items to get done then you are way more likely to be productive and feel good about what you accomplished.”

4. Jordanne | The Life of a Glasgow Girl

“To stop myself from becoming overwhelmed with my blog, I follow three simple rules; Don’t take on any work that doesn’t resonate with who I am or what my blog was created for. In doing this I reduce the amount of stress that I put on myself in order to create content for any brand/company I am working with meaning I can create content I am happy with.

Secondly, I only work with small manageable to-do lists, when I create a list of 6-7 blog tasks, I find that I am more productive because I don’t feel like blog work is taking over my life, I also only work on my blog around 5 days out of the week because time off is important.

That brings me to my third rule, take at least one day off a week, giving myself time away from a screen and social media is a big part of what helps me stay on track and avoid blogger burnout.”

5. Imogen | Inside Out Style

“Your blog needs to be on a topic or topics that you’re passionate about. If you’re bored with your topic it’s very easy for it to become too much or to feel overwhelmed by the demand that it seems to place on you.

Make sure you take blogging breaks – I take 6 weeks off each year over the Christmas and New Year’s period writing nothing new. Instead, I update old content and post it in a slider, changing it out each week so there appears to be “new” content on the blog each week, even though it’s been published some time. This is all scheduled before I take a break so I get a good holiday from it. The reality is, most people haven’t read every post you ever wrote. Or they may have forgotten the content and they can read it again with new eyes.

Every time you have an idea or someone asks you a question, write it down. I love using my Editorial Calendar plugin, so then when I come to write posts, I already have many topic ideas to choose from and never suffer from “blank page” syndrome.”

6. Kumar | Panda Making Money

“I think working for hours and hours without a break is the biggest reason for being overwhelmed by blogging. You will be aware of this when we give most of our time to one thing, then we start expecting something from that thing. This creates some stress, pressure, and curiosity in our minds, which can turn into overwhelmed expression. And blogging is something that takes time to show you results. So it’s very important to not be overwhelmed with blogging.

Following things that I do to avoid being overwhelmed with blogging:

  • Taking a tea break after a long session of work. Making tea for me and listening to music for a while.
  • Hanging out with my friends once a week, so my mind gets refreshed.
  • Distracting myself with other things such as I would like to watch movies once in a while.

So my tips for others is that don’t attach too much with blogging. Take a break, have some fresh air, meet with friends & family.”

7. Arfa | She Means Blogging

“Just take a break! Let it be 2-3 days or a week, just don’t think about blogging. Give yourself ample time to refresh your mind and replan your strategy. 

Understand that the unfinished to-do-list of becoming a successful blogger never ends. The best tip is to plan a project with actionable steps and kill it. That’s how you go. In the end, don’t ever forget to be proud of yourself. You may not have a lot of people encouraging you but you got yourself, right?”

8. Elna Cain | Elna

“For me, I don’t mind taking creative breaks away from my blog. If I am struggling with writer’s block, I take a walk, do an art project with my twins, organize my closet, or do something else with my hands. If I have a never-ending list of things to do, I will become overwhelmed. If that is the case, I usually enjoy writing to calm my nerves and I may write several blog posts during this time. All in all, for me, since I have multiple blogs, I can switch from one blog about business to another blog about pregnancy and to another blog about saving money. Having this switch in topics does help me avoid being overwhelmed the most!”

9. Angie | She Can Blog

“To prevent blogger burnout, it is essential for me to plan enough moments that I can use to disconnect myself from my blog, which means no phone and no laptop, not checking my stats, and not reading or responding to comments or emails. I use this time to spend quality time with my husband and daughter, practice yoga, or meditate a little. This way, I manage to maintain a balanced life.”

So, there you have it! Those are the nine tips on how to avoid feeling overwhelmed with your blog.

9 Actionable Tips to Help You Overcome Blogger Burnout

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